Types of stone and their characteristics


Is composed of some of the hardest natural materials on earth. It is made from a variety of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is heat resistant, you can take a dish right from the oven to countertop without the risk of heat damage.**Stone dishes make crack when placed on a cold surface directly from oven, please use a trivet/towel/potholder. Resin fill may incur damage, please use care. Granite is well suited for kitchens, bars, bathrooms, outdoors (select colors), fireplaces and showers.


Is a naturally occurring metaphoric rock, formed when sandstone is subjected to the earth’s heat and pressure. It is acid, heat, scratch resistant, and harder than granite and glass. As we continue to learn the latest information regarding natural stone, Quartzite does require extra dry time before installation to allow the water to evaporate before it can be sealed. Your time frame between template & install will be extended for this reason.


Is essentially limestone that has been crystallized through changes in temperature and pressure. This calcite crystal is usually identified by its exquisite veining, which intensifies its beauty. Marble is a softer stone than granite and not as stain resistant (it is sensitive to staining from acidic foods commonly found in a kitchen or bar setting). It is well suited for many applications such as a baker’s kitchen, fireplaces, showers, and bathrooms.


Is similar in appearance to marble but is slightly more durable making it a good option for countertops. Heat resistant and less absorbent to liquids, this stone is sought after for its chic look.


Is a metaphoric rock comprised of mainly of the mineral talc, making it soft or “soapy” to the touch. It is durable, ultra dense (surpasses granite & marble) making it resistant to staining & discoloration over time because it will not soak up liquids or residues, heat resistant rock making it ideal for use in your kitchen. Cooks love soapstone because it does not react to acids (lemon juice, tomato sauce and cocktail mixers). A sealer is not required to protect the surface. Soapstone is well suited for fireplaces, hearths, kitchens, and science lab tables due to the incredible heat resistance.

Engineered Quartz

Is a man-made product from ground stone crystals combined with resin and pigmentation during the manufacturing process. Harder and heavier than natural a stone slab and requires less maintenance. Engineered quartz typically has a heat tolerance level of up to 300 degrees vs 1200 degrees with natural stone. A variety of colors, movements and textures makes this product appealing for those who are looking for more consistency. Engineered quartz is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and showers.

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