What different types of stone are there?

Granite – is composed of some of the hardest natural materials on earth. It is made from a variety of minerals such as, quartz, feldspar, and mica. Granite is also heat resistant, you can take a dish right from the oven to countertop without the risk of heat damage.**Stone dishes make crack when placed on a cold surface directly from oven, please use a trivet/towel/potholder. Resin fill may incur damage, please use care.

Travertine – is a type of limestone, like marble, and of a calcium carbonate base, and as such, are vulnerable to alteration by exposure to mild acids. With the combination of acid sensitivity and absorption, limits the number of varieties that are suitable for countertop application. It is commonly used as a backsplash or for flooring purposes.

Limestone – like marble are of a calcium carbonate base, and as such , are vulnerable to alteration by exposure to mild acids. Limestone deposits exist in all continents of the earth. Since these stones are some of the softer varieties of natural stone material, they have long been a popular choice for carved features and molding, as well as statuary.

Marble – is essentially limestone that has been crystallized through changes in temperature and pressure. This calcite crystal is usually identified by its exquisite veining, which intensifies its beauty. Marble is a softer stone than granite and not as stain resistant (it is sensitive to staining from acidic foods commonly found in a kitchen or bar setting). However, marble is well suited for many applications such as showers and bathroom areas.

Onyx – is often confused with marbles, yet it is a significantly different rock type. It is a sedimentary rock that is formed as stalagmites & stalactites in cave interiors. This formation method results in the cryptocrystalline construction of the rock fabric, and it is the size and uniformity of these crystals that contribute to the classic translucent property of most onyx varieties. Its translucent appearance is unmatched in beauty.

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